At Back in Motiom, Injury and Wellness Center we will do a detailed history of your auto accident injuries, and complete examination of the problem area using Neurological, orthopedic, and Chiropractic test. Its important to get the proper X-ray imaging following a MVC collision to accurately diagnose your problems

At Back in Motion we have a Digital X-ray machine that takes high-quality X-rays to further evaluate your injuries. The Doctor is trained to do a specific X-ray series to evaluate your spine for whiplash / auto accident injuries known as a Davis cervical series or Cervical stress films. He then sends these images off to a highly trained Radiologist in AOMSI and ligament laxity. The Radiologist will look to the closest 0.1mm for anterior/posterior translation to give you the highest quality reading and diagnosis of your whiplash injuries

After the Doctor reviews the X-ray results with you. You will then begin a customized treatment plan to help you recover to your previous activities as fast as possible. Our goal is to get you Back in Motion ASAP so you can be active, be healthy and Be happy!

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